Mfers newest single

Their music blends indie-rock and indiepop with the female vocals delicately poised over woven layers of atmospheric guitars and more.

They always knew they’d eventually be in a band together, or at least do something musically creative. This duo of in-laws has known each other for over 2 decades but there was never an oppurtunity for them to do music together.

While Tatiana was in elementary school, Charles was banging drums in various rock and roll / punk bands. After high school, she was getting her music degree singing operatic jam and Charles was still banging away on the drums but also learning how to play guitar.

Finally during the start of the global pandemic, Charles had written a couple songs with Tatiana in mind. Having no real ambition behind the idea, he sent the songs, Tatiana sang on them and now they’re putting out their first single on October 30th.

They’re already working on a handful of more songs and plan to have an EP out early 2021. We can’t wait to hear more of their moody, textured indie rock jams.

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