KGR0001 | RELEASED OCT 31, 2019

The release that started it all, for KGR that is. After a 6, 7 or 8 year break (no one can remember) these Philly boys are back with 2 new rock n’ roll jams that’ll get your ass shakin’.

Another label might’ve pulled them out of hibernation but while waiting for those jams to see the light of day, they decided to record these 2 songs themselves. We’ve known these rats for a long time so it was a no brainer for us to put this out as our first release.

Available on limited edition lathe cut record and streaming everywhere.


KGR0002 | RELEASED JULY 31, 2020

What the hell took so long? These songs were written in the span of a few practices, recorded in 1 session, tracked live with 2 microphones and somehow it sounds incredible 10 years later.

Knowing the mixes were stored away in an ancient Gateway computer (fitting there’s a cow on the record cover) all these years, we hired a computer scientist to get these jams off the disc drive and into our hands so we could release their instrumental indie rock gold!

3 songs, 10 mins of pure indie rock goodness. It was well worth the wait and effort to get these songs.

Available on limited edition lathe cut record and streaming everywhere.

Midnight Flowers – Not Today

KGR0003 | RELEASED November 13th, 2020


This duo of in-laws has put together something special in their short time together.

Midnight Flowers has created 8 gorgeous minutes of textured, moody, indie rock.

Available on limited edition lathe cut record this winter and streaming everywhere November 13th.

Right Thing Single cover


KGR0004 | RELEASED DEC 4, 2020

The boy are back with their new single “Right Thing” b/w “S.L.U.G.” (Ramones cover that rips!). Following up their “New Start” EP, they are picking up where they left off. Right Thing is the most punk they’ve sounded in years and we love em for it.

Written and mostly recorded right before the pandemic, they’ve been waiting patiently to unleash their newest anthem unto the world and it was worth the wait. 

We believe it’s the best song the band has ever written so go do the right thing and stream their new single now!



Right Thing Single cover


KGR0005 | RELEASED JAN 15, 2021

Never You is the second release in as many months from this new band comprising of in-laws Tatiana and Charles. Their music blends indie-rock and indiepop with the female vocals delicately poised over woven layers of atmospheric guitars and more. The band are working on new songs and new EP should follow earlier rather than later.

Records I Like



Right Thing Single cover

Camping With Jesus – Doug

KGR0006 | RELEASED APR 16, 2021

Our first Camping With Jesus release, Spark up and enjoy this duplicitous 2 song trip.